Gajalakhmi Puja

Gajalakhmi puja is observed for 11 days starting from Kumarpurnima or ashwin purnima (Full moon day in Ashwin month). This is also pronounced as Gajalaxmi puja. Goddess Gajalakshmi is one of the eight aspects of Goddess Lakshmi). She is believed as the most powerful goddess among the others who helps for getting abundant wealth in life by fulfilling the desires of devotees. mythologically she is one who has brought back all the wealth lost by Indra. She is also goddess of cattle. The prayers and rituals vary from places to places. In some places puja is observed for one day. Huge pendals, decorative lights are set in many places of the state.


This puja is very special among girls and women. Devotees observe fast on the day. Unmarried women offer prashad to surya bhagban and they break their fast by offering prasad to moon. Puchi, a very popular and special game played on this day. In addition, one can be able to get relief from the malefic effects of planets with Gajalakshmi homam for minimizing complications.

The festival is prominently celebrated in the Dhenkanal district in Orissa.

Quick Info:

Type: Cultural

Time of Celebration: 31st October, 2020

Location: Dhenkanal, also in other parts of Odisha

Travel Itineraries: Train/ bus/ cab from bhubaneswar

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