Dhanu Yatra

Dhanu Jatra is unique open air theatrical drama based performance in Bargarh. The place sets World's biggest open air theatre for this festival spreading across a 6km radius area around the Bargarh municipality. Dhanu Yatra takes place in the months of December or January. The festival continues for 11 days after ‘Pausa Purnima’ according to the odia calendar. Dhanu Yatra gathers various tourists from different parts of the country as well as outside the country.


Dhanu Jatra is one of the oldest and most popular plays of the region and even its grandiose level of celebration makes it world famous. Currently the great epic of Kansa’s death by Lord Krishna is acted. The Dhanu Yatra begins with the enactment of grand wedding ceremony of Devaki and Vasudeva and depicts the entire epic until the death of Kansa by Lord Krishna in different episodes at different parts of Bargarh. The entire town of Bargarh transforms into epic age as Bargarh becomes the city of Mathura, the river Jeera becomes the river Yamuna and Ambapali situated on the other side of Jeera becomes Gopapura. Different exploits of Sri Krishna and Kansa story till his death by Lord krishna are performed on different movable stages across the town of Bargarh in 14 main places at Mathura and 4 main places in Gopa.

Quick Info:

Type: Cultural

Time of Celebration: 31st December - 10th January

Location: Bargarh

Travel Itineraries: The railway route connects Sambalpur with other parts of the state and the country. Tourists can take the bus as the neighboring cities and states provide bus service at a reasonable rate.

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