Daringbadi (Kashmir of Odisha)


The magnificent hill station of Odisha and popular tourist destination Daringbadi is God gifted with heavenly beauty. Located in the tribal dominated Kandhamal district, Daringbadi has many natural green valleys and most importantly the snow fall is popularly called as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’. About 100 kilometres from Phulbani and 50 kilometres from Baliiguda, this exotic place with vast stretches of pine jungles, coffee plantations and enchanting valleys. This is how you reach this spectacular hill-station. Here the dews turns into ice at the night. Surrounded by thick rain forests, wild animals, Daringbadi at 915-metre altitude above sea level has wonderful valleys and pine jungles. But unlike Kashmir, which is mostly visited by people in the summer, Daringbadi is not only popular in the hot summer but has thousands of visitors in the winter as well. The other major attractions in Daringbadi including Doluri River, Putudi Water falls, Dasingbadi waterfalls, Badangia waterfalls, Dadubada Paradise, Kirikuti Picnic ground, Ludu waterfalls, Herbal garden Picnic ground, coffee plantation, black pepper and turmeric gardens, Duluri Picnic ground, Hill view Park, Nature Park, Herbal medicinal plants, Belghar Sanctuary, Kotagarh Sanctuary, and many more.Easiest way to reach Daringbadi is to book a private taxi from nearest location like Berhampur, Phulbani or Balliguda. You can also use services of public bus transport running between Berhampur and Daringbadi.

Places To Visit: Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Winter (Nov-Feb)

District: Kandhamal

Elevation: 914m

Popular Cuisine: Local Food

Specialities: Hill Station, Waterfalls, Dense Forest, Trekking

Nearest Bus Stop: Phulbani

Nearest Railway Station: Berhampur

Travel Options: Bus, Cab, Taxi

Nearest town: Phulbani

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 191 km

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