Taratarini Temple


Taratarini Temple on the Kumari hills at the bank of the River Rushikulya near Brahmapur city in Ganjam District, Odisha, India is worshiped as the Breast Shrine (Sthana Peetha) and manifestations of Adi Shakti. The Tara Tarini Shakti Peetha is one of the oldest pilgrimage centers of the Mother Goddess and is one of four major ancient Tantra Peetha and Shakti Peethas in India.

The mythological texts recognize four major Shakti Peethas: Tara Tarini (Stana Khanda), near Brahmapur; Bimala (Pada Khanda) inside the Jagannath Temple, Puri; Kamakhya (Yoni khanda), near Guwahati; and Dakshina Kalika (Mukha khanda) in Kolkata. There are 52 other sacred Shakti Peethas, which originated from the limbs of Mata Sati's corpse in the Satya Yuga.

Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Oct-Feb

District: Ganjam

Elevation: 177.6m

Open Time: 6Am-9.30Pm

Popular Cuisine: Local Food

Attractions: Pothagarh Fort, Dhavaleshwar Temple, Mahurikalua(picnic spot), Durga Narayani Temple

Nearest Bus Stop: Brahmapur

Nearest Railway Station: Brahmapur railway station

Travel Options: Taxi, Bus, Train

Nearest town: Brahmapur

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 160 km

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