Nandankanan Zoo


Amidst the natural beauty of natural forest adjacent to Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary, Nandankanan lies in the vicinity of Kanjia Lake. The very name of Nandankanan, in mythology, delineates the ecstatic but imaginary beauty of the celestial garden. It also indicates the real beautiful spots par excellence on earth, where one can see the panoramic views of nature and appreciate the glamour that exists in the external morphology of plants and animals. The zoo is enriched with 101 enclosures with 202 sub-enclosures at Nandankanan. It has the significance of having both the cages and open moat enclosures.

There are 54 cages and 47 open moated enclosures to house all the captive animals. There are more than 1580 no animals, including 634 mammals, 812 birds and 134 reptiles. Eighty eight (88) species of indigenous species along with 32 exotic species of animals.

Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Oct to Feb

District: Khordha (Khurda)


Open Time: 7Am-5:30Pm

Popular Cuisine: Local Food

Attractions: Boating, White Tiger Safari, Lion Safari, Herbivore Safari, Bear Safari, Reptile Safari, Amphibian Enclosure, Leopard Enclosure

Nearest Bus Stop: Nandankanan

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar

Travel Options: Taxi, Bus, Train

Nearest town: Bhubaneswar

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 0 km

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