Kolab Reservoir


Kolab River is one of the major rivers of Orissa, India. Its source is at Sinkaran hills of eastern Ghats in Koraput district. The resoirvoir is popularly known as kolab river. It is a major resoirvoir for irrigation project and electricity powerhouse. Kolab Botanical Garden stands beside the Majestic Kolab reservoir is ideal for weekend picnic for people all over the district. This place is highly admired for its scenic beauty, attracting tourists for weekend picnic and boating. Kolab dam is the main drinking water resource for the Koraput-jeypore region of the state.

The Kolab river catchment comprises of the area between Tekegurha and north of Gupteshwar cave temple upto Taluru and spreads over 3566 Sq.Km. A number of streams from the hilly terrains of Eastern Ghats also drain into this catchment. The main water reserve is located near Jeypore town which stores water coming out of the power generation unit of upper Kolab Dam. A huge water reserve at the top of the hill known as Upper Kolab Dam feeds this 4 x 80 MW power station.

A visit to this place and other areas of Koraput and Jeypore make an outsider of Orissa that Orissa has all the potential of becoming a highly industrialized state, with its vast natural resources and fairly developed infrastructure.

Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Oct-Feb

District: Koraput

Elevation: 847.6m

Open Time: 9Am-7.30Pm

Popular Cuisine: Local Food

Attractions: Reservior Gates, Kolab Botanical Garden, Siva Temple, Boating

Nearest Bus Stop: Jeypore Bus Stop (16km)

Nearest Railway Station: Jeypore Railway Station (20km)

Travel Options: Bus,Train, Cab

Nearest town: Jeypore

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 532 km

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