Chandipur is on the Bay of Bengal and is approximately 16 kilometers from the Balasore (Baleswar). Watching the sea vanish right in front of your eyes and then observing its return is a very rare site and this miracle by nature is possible to see in Chandipur Beach and this will happen twice a day. Chandipur is a small sea resort in Balasore district, Odisha, India. The beach is unique in that the water recedes up to 5 kilometers during the ebb tide. One can walk along the wet sands to the sea. This has a spectacular view of the rising sun and also of the sun drowning provide treat to the eyes. Due to its unique circumstances, the beach supports bio-diversity. Horseshoe crab is also found here on the beach towards Mirzapur, the nearby fishing market and community at the confluence of the Budhabalanga River(Balaramgadi). This beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Balasore.

Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Monsoon, Winter (Oct-Mar)

District: Balasore (Baleswar)

Elevation: 3m

Open Time: 24hrs

Popular Cuisine: Crabs, Prawns

Attractions: Sea disappearing from the sight, Golden Beach Festival

Nearest Bus Stop: Chandipur

Nearest Railway Station: Balasore (16km)

Travel Options: Bus, Taxi

Nearest town: Balasore (16km)

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 208 km

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