Budhakhol Temple


Budhakhol the heritage beauty of Odisha is situated in the Buguda block of Ganjam Dist. It is the symbol of Buddhist culture. The place is filled with full of Trees, Caves, temples and perennial Waterfall, which is the main attraction for tourists and picnickers. The presence of a bunch of five temples on the top of the hill is another attraction of this place. The five temples are Sri Sri Makareswar Swami, Sri Sri Gangadhareswar Swami, Sri Sri Jagadieswar Swami, Sri Sri Siddheswar Swami, Sri Sri Budheswar Swami, which is popularly knows as Panchu mahadeva Temple. On Shivratri and Kartika Purnima, a large number of pilgrims come here to offer Puja to Lord Shiva. The Importance of Budhakhol increases during the month of Shrawan. During this month a large number of devotees called "Bolbum Kawariya" throng at the Budhakhol temple for Ganges water is offered to the Baba Budhakhol.

Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Shivaratri

District: Ganjam

Elevation: 187m

Open Time: Day Time

Popular Cuisine: Local Food

Attractions: Siddha Gumpha, Panchu Mahadeva Temple, perennial Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stop: Buguda (3km)

Nearest Railway Station: Berhampur (70km)

Travel Options: Taxi, Bus, Train

Nearest town: Buguda (3km)

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 171 km

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