Barabati Durga


The Barbati fort is situated at about 8 km away from the center of the Cuttack. Fort is a 14th century fort built by the Ganga dynasty. The ruins of the fort stay with its moat, gate, and also the earthen mound of the nine-storied palace, that evokes the reminiscences of past days. Today it sits next to the modern Barabati Stadium, the venue of various sport events and cultural programs. There is also a temple dedicated to Katak Chandi, the presiding deity of the city, not far away from the fort. Now there are plans to develop the old Gadakhai into a world class tourist destination with boating facilities and a world class park. The renovation work of the Gadakhai is going on in full swing. The fort is situated at such a calculated place that it provides a beautiful and spectacular view of the modern Cuttack city. The fort brings charm to the city and depicts its glorious history.

Travel Info:

Best time to visit: Anytime

District: Cuttack

Elevation: 36m

Open Time: Day Time

Popular Cuisine: Dhahibara Aludam

Attractions: Gate, Ruins, Moat, Indoor Stadium

Nearest Bus Stop: Cuttack Badamwadi bus stop

Nearest Railway Station: Cuttack

Travel Options: Train, Bus, Cab

Nearest town: Cuttack

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 32 km

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